Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slacking off on the Blog

Wow, where does the time go? It didn't take too long for me to slack off on my weekly updates, but in my defense we have been quite busy.
Homeschool has truly been a blessing for us. The kids and I are enjoying it immensely. It is so cool to hear Ethan talk about countries and things I would not have imagined him knowing about at four and this is all stuff he has picked up on just by listening to Isabelle's schooling.

So far Ethan's favorite school activities are driving his trucks through balls of clay and science experiment day.
Isabelle's favorites are math and literature. So far we have read Charlotte's Web, Homer Price and Mr. Popper's Penguins. On Tuesday we will start Gooney Bird Greene.

I have to say I am learning a few new things as well. Some of the things we have discovered together so far was how to build a compass and a solenoid. For the solenoid we connected it to a straw with a flag on the end to resemble a train gate thast went up. The kids had great fun using the gate with their train set.
The solenoid is being used to pull a needle through the straw

In my free time I have been doing some writing and researching. I am hoping to get into freelancing but it is really hard to get into. All of the books and article say to be prepared for a lot of rejection but I plan to keep with it. It has been something that I feel I was being nudged to do for quite some time now. For now I just add it to my list of unpaid jobs.

A few weeks ago AWANA started up and I am one of the leaders for thr K-2nd grade group. I never thought I'd say this but I really like it. It's two hours of chaos but lots of fun. So cool to see kids so excited to learn about the Bible.