Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Week of Homeschool

It's official the paperwork is back and we are formally known as a private school. We completed our first week of school this Thursday and things are going quite well. When I ask Isabelle what subjects she likes best she responds, "all of it."
On Tuesday we had our first out of the classroom adventure. In science Isabelle is learning about classifying animals so we packed up our bikes, camera and dog and went to the bike trail in the 100 degree heat and humidity. We found creatures of all categories except for the dry and scaly category, which I personally was happy about. After we got home and cooled off, we put together a book and labeled each picture with the correct category name.

Wednesday we used sidewalk paint to practice Isabelle's spelling words out on the driveway. The kids enjoyed it. The only problem was that Isabelle is a bit of a perfectionist and was not pleased that she could not make the lines of her letters uniform. Ethan practiced drawing circles and 1's and when he tired of that he began to paint the ants crawling on the driveway.
For the sidewalk paint I found a recipe on The Idea Room blog:
1/4 c of cornstarch
1/4 c of cold water
a few drops of food coloring

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